Jane's writings on her technique, travels and general pottery articles.
by Jane Gibson 23rd Jul 2014
A visit to a small colony of potters firing with an interesting bonfire kiln.
by Jane Gibson 23rd Jul 2014
Amonth in CHina on Christine Ann Richards tenth Anniversary Tour
by Jane Gibson 07th Aug 2013
I meet two colonies of potters at either end of town, Muslim and Hindu, both firing pots in very different ways.
by Jane Gibson 16th Dec 2012
An Exploration in Contemporary Terracotta by Indian and International Artists. India Habitat Centre 22nd to 27th February 2009
by Jane Gibson 03rd Aug 2011
A fascinating trip from the mountainous Guizhou Province where ethnic groups practise traditional skills to the porcelain centre of Jingdezhen.
by Jane Gibson 12th Jun 2011
Special pots are made in Bhubaneshwar to cook food offerings in the temples.
by Jane Gibson 24th Feb 2011
A visit to Oman
by Jane Gibson 24th Feb 2011
Visits to Culcutta, Lucknow and Goa.
by Jane Gibson 24th Feb 2011
Potters in Islamabad and Peshawar
by Jane Gibson 24th Feb 2011
Bindapur is the potters colony in Delhi
On this site you can find all you need to know about the London and Kent based potter. Through the site you can view Jane's latest work and see where she is exhibiting.
You can read about Jane's techniques and firing process. There are also accounts of her research into the pottery techniques of South Asia where the design and manufacture of pots have remained unchanged for centuries.
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